Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Can I Train A Neurotic Dog

All dogs can be trained, the problem with trainingthem isnt the dog it is the master, if your dog is neurotic, and his main problem in life is likely to be you. Dogs neurosis may start when they are very young, first off he was taken from his family and given to a giant that he didnt know. Imagine living in a world where your best friend can pick you up by the neck and put you anywhere he wants you.

In your world, you cant always sleep on the bed, but are relegated to the floor, which everyone knows isnt as soft as the bed. You may even be asked to spend
hours, even days, out in the cold, rain and snow. Neurosis begins to develop, and as the master of a neurotic dog it is your responsibility to effectively teach him, best of luck.

First you must remember that if a dog is neurotic, it will be difficult to teach him that following your commands, will make his life any better. All he has to do is look around him to realize that he is the only one that is required to learn anything. He has never seen a cat being trained to sit, lie down or stay, but the cat still gets fed on a regular basis, as a matter of fact, his master seems to prefer the cat, this only increases his neurosis.

It is however possible to train a neurotic dog, here is one example of this success. Monty, a 6 month old Labrador is taken home to live with his new family, he loves to chew on books. Rather than punish Monty, his master comes to the conclusion that psychology would work better. He removes the books by putting them on a higher shelf,
as Monty grows, the books get put higher and higher.

Finally, the owner moves his last few books to the top shelf of the closet. At last, Monty stops chewing on books, the training has been successful, however his master has also stopped reading.

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