Thursday, February 28, 2008

Controlling Your Dogs Bark

A barking dog is a superb protection and an outstanding burglar alarm, but you need the ability to control the barking. If you do not train your dog to bark only at the appropriate times (fire alarms, noise outside the window and when approached by strangers), your neighbors are likely to resent your best friend, and you because you fail to control your dog.

If you want your dog to be protection for you, teach him the guard command rather than speak, an intruder or someone who is threatening you will not know exactly how much your dog knows about guard and it is an excellent deterrent. This command does not mean that your dog will actually attack someone, but the barking can be a effective prevention for your safety both inside and outside your home.

To teach your dog to guard or speak, tie his lead to a fence or some other immovable item. Stand about 3 feet away and tease him with a toy or food, when he begins to bark, give the reward. Now put the food and toy away and change the treat to verbal praise when he begins to bark. The command guard or speak should be given as soon as the dog barks, the timing is essential here, watching his body language, you can tell when he is ready to bark.

Once he becomes aware of the guard command, give the quiet command when he is barking; give the reward as soon as he is stops barking. If the barking continues, give the “no” command. When he has successfully learned the command, move further away and continue the training, he needs to know and respond to these commands from any distance. After this training is successful, untie him from the fence and continue to train him the commands
guard and quiet.

You and your neighbors will appreciate this training when they have a peaceful night, and they will learn that if he is barking, there is something wrong.

Obinna Heche: Los Angeles- California

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