Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chloes Basics Of Education Sit, Stay and Lay Down

Chloe is a 2 year old chocolate lab, much loved by her family, and very easy to train, this is because of the amount of love she is given by her family. You see, Chloe, like any other dog, will do anything to please the people she loves. The first lesson Chloe was given was her housebreaking, she was kept outside the first time she came home until she went to the bathroom.

This took the efforts of several family members but it showed her where she was allowed to go. When she was finally taken into the house, she was watched closely and whenever she started sniffing around she was taken back outside again. At night she was put in a box next to her owners bed, where she was kept when there was no one available to watch her. She was taken outside just before they went to bed and as soon as they got up in the morning.

When they left home, if they couldnt take her with them, she was again taken outside to go to the bathroom and put in the box, as soon as they returned she was again taken outside.
This took a few days, and there were accidents, but she soon learned that if she went to the door, she could go outside and take care of her business.

Teaching her to sit was her second lesson, her owner would sit on the floor and play with her, teaching her to sit was a combination of holding her toy up above her head, at this point she would sit down to keep the toy in her site. She would also tell her to sit
while gently pushing on her hind quarters, when she was successful, she was praised and loved on, she learned this one very quickly too.

Her third lesson was to lie down, again on the floor with Chloe, her owner would tell her to sit, when she was in the sitting position, she would then tell her to lie down and gently pull her front legs out and push her front end down. What this family now has is a very well trained dog, which everyone enjoys having around.

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