Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stopping Your Dog from Jumping on People

I have always believed, and still do today, that it is never necessary to physically hurt your dog, as a matter of fact, it is against the law to do so. I used to believe that it was alright to smack a dog on the behind with a loosely rolled newspaper, (it really does make more noise than it hurts them) until I did it one day and came home the next day to a shredded newspaper.

It is amazing how far a dog can spread one newspaper in a day. To dogs, they live in a world of giants, and the only way to make eye contact is to jump up, this is not desirable with any dog and can be down right dangerous with a large dog. I have heard many nightmare stories of dogs that jump on people, from the pregnant woman who was knocked down by a Rottweiler to the little girl who was knocked down by a Labrador.

These dogs should have been trainer early on not to jump on people, and were not, at this point it becomes the fault of the owner, not the dog. If you enjoy having your dog greet you in this way, you can teach him later to jump when commanded too, but for now, he must be taught that all jumping is forbidden. I read once about a rattle it is a great training tool which only costs 20 cents and an empty can. Put 20 pennies into an empty can and tape the top shut, this can be used in several types of training situations.

The key to training your dog is to surprise him, using the rattle along with a firm no, will usually redirect his attention to something else, the noise of the can. Keep one at each door of the house and as he gets ready to jump, this is important, shake the can and tell him no in a firm voice.

Using the rattle with no one time and the no alone sometimes will eventually teach your dog to respond to the no rather than the rattle and the no. When he learns to respond to the no only the rattle is no longer necessary.

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