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Changing Your Dogs Diet

Adding energy in a dogs diet is indeed necessary when you notice lethargic behavior in your dog. Some people prefer to feed their dog a homemade food for energy. They also require protein for energy in their diet to build muscle. Like people, dogs get energy from vitamins and minerals in their diet. While some need attention from a veterinarian, you can try home or natural approaches to help overcome energy problems and add energy in a dogs diet. Adding charcoal to your dogs diet can help detoxify some of the noxious gases while they are still inside the intestine.

Dogs are able to get energy from carbohydrates in their diet as well as from protein, which is why we are able to feed them diets high in carbohydrates. Feed them too much and they get fat and develop serious health problems. Feed them too little and they become scavengers and eat anything that looks like it might have a taste. Corn, soy and wheat are three of the biggest culprits as far as food allergies in dogs go and finding a brand of dry dog food that is free of these ingredients can be tricky. A change in diet done gradually makes for a more comfortable dog.

Indeed, most dogs eat commercial dog food and most of these foods provide a fairly balanced diet. If your dog has special dietary needs due to a health condition, talk to your veterinarian about the best brand of food to feed your dog. Puppies should be fed a brand of food formulated specially for puppies because they need more protein and fat in their diet than adult dogs.

It is not the same thing as just feeding your dog table scraps, which you should not do. If you want to feed your dog a homemade diet, take the time to learn about nutrition for dogs first. A homemade diet can be very healthy for dogs but it is important that you educate yourself about your dogs nutritional needs. Dogs, if left in the wild would eat primarily protein foods with carbohydrates making up no more than 25% of their diet.

However, commercial dog foods contain anywhere from 25-60% carbohydrates. If dogs get more carbohydrates than they expend in energy, the carbohydrates turn to fat and the dog gains weight. Excess carbohydrates can be unhealthy for your dog. The kind of carbohydrates dogs need for energy are soluble carbohydrates. Soluble carbohydrates are the starchy part of a plant that can be easily broken down in a dogs digestive tract. If they get more protein than their body needs for energy and muscle, it is excreted in the urine.

Also, a change in diet done gradually makes for a more comfortable dog. This means that we have absolutely no intention of incorporating whole grains into their diet. You should know what foods to give that can be eaten to assist weight loss in your dog and what foods should be avoided at all costs. Eating a lifetime diet of processed food places a great demand on their pancreas to produce digestive enzymes.

Nevertheless, behavioral problems such as hyperactivity, listlessness, short attention span and the ability to learn can also be affected by your dogs diet. Be very mindful of what vitamins and other nutrients to add in their foods.
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Harmony said...

Now then i know if they are lifeless, it means they are lacking of good food.

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Some good stuff written here all commensense stuff that many dog owners just don't use.