Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dog Training - What Is On His Mind

Dogs need physical and mental stimulation as well as companionship, it is rare for a dog to have a pack leader mentality, most are comfortable and feel very safe and secure following their leader, which is you. Every dog, like every person has its own distinct personality, this causes the difference in their ability to be trained, how intelligent they are and how much patience they have during their training.

Dogs are our best friends because they are the animal most willing to live in our “pack” and converse with us. Dogs thinking is very logical, they are pack animals and respect and react to the pack leader, they are usually only interested in comfort and survival.

To them food is survival and this makes food a great tool for training. Remember however that smaller dogs are frequently pickier about their food, and require less, so finding a special treat for them is best. Larger dogs are less particular and most any type of food will work to train them, there are hundreds of treats on the market, it is better not to use human food for training. When training your dog, food is used to reward him for his good manners.

Dogs are very intelligent and it is easy to use their natural instincts and actions as part of their training regimen. For instance my dog does a trick called bow pretty I taught her this when she would put her front legs down and her hind end in the air whenever we would play. She learned this very fast because it was something she did naturally.

Dogs will seek comfort from contact with you, however, dogs that have thinker coats often seem more distant, when in reality they are simply seeking a cool place to spend their time. It may be easier to train this type of dog during the cooler evening hours.

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