Sunday, April 27, 2008

Do Dogs Have Emotions

Dogs have emotions, they are living creatures, therefore they have feelings, the problem comes when the owner doesnt recognize them and deal with them as needed. Some things a dog does are related to stress in his life and they need mental stimulation to deal
with these problems before they become really big problems.

People always say that my dog feels what I feel, they dont know how true this is, a dog not only feels your anger and joy, he also feels your fear and your stress. When you fight with your spouse, you dogs feels the stress, when you come home from a frustrating
day at the office, he feels that frustration, and may very well take the blame for this on himself. Shop Online @ the Worldwide Mega Shopping Mall

Anyone whom has ever owned knows dogs have emotions, they can become depressed, when we are gone for any period of time they miss us and get lonely. They will frequently get into trouble when we leave them alone for long periods of time, because they get bored, just like children.

It is our responsibility to protect their feelings and emotions just as it is our
responsibility to feed and water them. Dogs need mental training as well
as physical training, tender loving care is the best mental training you can provide for you pet. Show them often and well how much they are loved and needed in your life.

Training your dog is a wonderful way to spend time with them, and it has the added return of giving you a well-behaved, emotionally sound dog. I cant tell you how many people
have told me they would love to have my dog, she has been well trained and is a loving caring dog. Her training started when she was 6 weeks old, once a dog is weaned they can start their training.

When they are trained consistently from the time they are very young, they become the kind of dog anyone would like to have, loving, gentle and a great deal of fun to be around.

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