Sunday, November 25, 2007

What to Ask When Choosing to Board Your Dog

Pet boarding services are an excellent way to prevent your dog's inherent stress from being confined on an airplane or in a car for long hours. Before you board your dog, make a personal visit to the pet boarding facility. A personal visit is essential to determine whether or not the facility will be to you and your pet's satisfaction. During your visit, observe or ask about the following:

If your dog has special needs (special medication, diet or feeding schedule) ask up front if the pet boarding facility can accommodate these needs.

The general appearance of the pet boarding facility should look neat and smell clean.

Observe the space where your dog will be boarding. It should be free of dirt, fecal accumulation and odors. There should be a strict schedule of disinfecting with effective chemicals.

Ask about the credentials of the people who work at the boarding facility. Are they trained to recognize signs of illness and distress? What steps are in place should a pet become ill while being boarded? How does the facility obtain veterinary help when needed?

Inquire about feeding procedures.

Ensure the facility has immunization requirements and flea and tick control policies to ensure your pet will be safe from infections from other dogs while boarded.

Find out what kind of exercise and playtime opportunities exist for your dog. Most dogs will enjoy some time to run, stretch and socialize. Inquire about the supervision provided during these outings. Ask how frequently during the day your dog will be checked on.

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