Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tools For Trimming Your Dog's Coat

If you plan to trim the hair on your dog's coat, using the right tools will make all the difference in achieving the look you want.


A clipper has a large variety of blades that can be changed easily and quickly. If you use a clipper on your dog, you should also use a spray product used to cool and lubricate the snap-on blades. While using the clipper, frequently spray this product on the blades to control heat build-up and help prevent clipper burn. This product can also be used on scissor blades to help prevent rusting and keep the blades clean.


All snap-on blades have the number of the blade stamped on it. The higher the number, the closer the cut. To keep your blades in top shape, use a blade wash solution. When a blade is new, it must be attached to the clipper and immersed in this solution. Running the clipper for about one minute will remove the protective coating from the blade. After that, the blades should be run in this solution after every grooming session to clean them and to remove hair and dirt. Follow this up with a spray of lubricant.

Snap-on Combs:

These combs, when snapped onto your clipper, greatly reduce clipping and scissoring time. They allow you to leave the coat longer while using clippers, giving the coat a more scissored look than a clipped look.

Straight Shears:

When purchasing scissors, buy the best quality shear you can afford. Poor quality shear will need to be sharpened more often and will cost you more money in the long run. Straight shears, also known as barber shears, are used for cutting the coat to correct length and for a fine, finishing touch.

Curved Shears:

Curved scissors are used for scissoring topknots and pompon on Poodles. These usually have a blunt tip.

Blunt-tipped Scissors:

These come in both straight and curved scissors. These are recommended for any trimming around the face and eyes.

Thinning Shears:

Thinning shears are used for thinning out thick hair, and in some cases, for blending longer hair into shorter hair. These shears are not used for heavy cutting.

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