Saturday, September 8, 2007

Types Of Dog Toys.

There are toys meant for solo play and toys designed for you and your dog to play together. To keep things interesting, choose a few types of toys from the following list and rotate them often depending on your dog's mood and activity level.

Stuffed Toys:

These soft, plush friends make great companions when your dog is in the mood for quiet snuggle time. Many stuffed toys squeak or make other noises to capture your dog's attention. The most important thing to remember about stuffed toys is to take them out of the rotation when you notice signs of wear like torn seams or loose limbs.

Vinyl or Latex Toys:

Soft, smooth and squishy, vinyl or latex toys are great for older dogs, because they're easy on sensitive teeth and gums. Younger dogs who aren't aggressive chewers will also enjoy them from time to time.

Solid Rubber Toys:

These are the ones for the tough, tenacious chewers. They're built to last and give your dog a good chewing workout. Plus, their interesting shapes will cause them to bounce unpredictably for extra fun.

Treat Dispensing Toys:

These are balls or other shapes designed with hollow areas meant to be filled with treats. They're great for keeping your dog occupied for long periods of time, as they usually won't give up until every last bit of treat is retrieved.

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