Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Include Vitamin Supplements In Your Homemade Dog Treats


Homemade dog treat recipes give you the ability to include vitamin supplements in your dog’s diet. Like people dogs occasionally need supplements in their diet but getting them to take pills can be a hassle.
Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

Many dog owners resort to wrapping the supplement in a more desirable treat but some dogs are simply too smart to be fooled by this trick. There are also pill pockets available for the purpose of hiding the treat and although they are effective, they can also be expensive. One solution to the problem of feeding your dog supplements is to include them in your homemade dog treat recipes. http://pet-services.eoltt.com

Glucosamine is a popular supplement that promotes joint health in dogs. Although this supplement is readily available in commercial prepared dog foods and treats, incorporating the supplement in your own homemade dog treat recipes can be a more economical way to include these supplements in your dog’s diet.

You can use the glucosamine tablets available for human consumption but many dogs will be reluctant to consume this bulky pill. You could, however, grind up one appropriate amount of glucosamine for each serving that your homemade dog treat recipes yields and incorporate the ground up supplement into the treats. This will make the supplement much more palatable for your dog. http://dog-food-secrets.eoltt.com

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